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Aquarium Set


Aquarium SET of 3 PCS

Art No: AQ3
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Finish/color: Satin
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Aqua Tools Aquarium Live Plant Maintenance gardens 3 Piece Aqua scraping Tool Kit in/ 12" Zipper Case
This is an exquisite 3 PCS Tool Kit
All stainless steel tools that Include:
Scissors with curved end for pruning. High quality scissors are essential for fragging xenia, leathers, and other soft corals.
Bent forceps (ideal for planting deep rooted plants)
Leveler/spatula for raking the substrate. Ideal for planted aquariums, but also very useful in coral propagation.

Leveler/Spatula - 30 cm.
Long Curved Scissors - 25 cm.
Long Handled Bent Tweezers - 27 cm.